Ames Leaf Raking Garden Tool Set (Set of 2)


Speed up your yard work projects with this raking set. Designed for durability, this set includes a dual tine leaf rake and a 22 tine lawn rake. The dual tine rake features a dual tine design, collecting more leaves in a single pass and offering a clog-free design to prevent leaves from sticking to the rake. This sturdy rake also features a cushioned grip and rubber-coated handle, making it comfortable for projects all season long. The 22 tine wood handle lawn rake has spring backed tines, sturdy wood handle, cushioned grip, and a bolted rake head for additional durability.

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  • Includes one 26 in. dual tine leaf rake and one 22 tine lawn rake for raking or debris cleanup projects
  • Leaf rake features unique dual tine design to collect more leaves and prevents rake head from clogging
  • Lawn rake features flexible steel tines for raking and for removing debris and thatch from lawns
  • Leaf rake features rubber-coated steel handle with cushioned end grip
  • Lawn rake features sturdy wood handle with non-slip, cushioned end grip


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