Everbilt Assorted Felt Pads, Felt Sliders and Bumpers Value Pack (108-Piece)


Choose this 108-piece value pack to protect your floors against scratches and dents with Assorted sizes of Shepherd heavy-duty self-adhesive felt pads. The Shepherd 3-1/2 in. felt sliders quickly and easily slide furniture across hard surface floors. Use, then remove and store until needed again. The large size sliders are made with premium quality felt backed by durable foam for repeated use on hard surface floors. The clear self-adhesive bumpers are great for protecting surfaces and deadening sound on small appliances, home and office accessories, cabinet doors, and decorative items.

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  • Contains: 3/4 in. self-adhesive felt pads (20-piece), 1 in. self-adhesive felt pads (32-piece), 1-1/2 in. self-adhesive felt pads (32-piece), 2 in. self-adhesive felt pads (4-piece), 3-1/2 in. felt sliders with foam back (4-piece), 1/2 in. clear self-adhesive bumpers (16-piece)
  • Self-adhesive felt pads adhere to wooden legs of chairs, tables and other furniture to diminish friction and noise
  • Felt glides easily across floors to protect them from dents and scratches
  • Reusable 3-1/2 in. felt sliders with foam backing is ideal for moving sofas, entertainment centers, beds, desks and other furniture
  • Self-adhesive clear bumpers help prevent scratching and sliding on fine furniture finishes, counter tops, and desktops


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