SPAX #10 x 3 in. T-Star Plus Drive Flat-Head Partial Thread Yellow Zinc Coated Multi-Material Screw (72 per Box)


The SPAX Factor – For the craftsman that concentrates on the details, We Work for You. For the Pro that puts qualify first, we help you create stronger connections, enhance performance and improve results when your reputation is on the line. This high performance wood screw is not your average screw. While it is designed for wood applications it is also functional for other materials like masonry, drywall, plastic, and up to 24ga steel. Masonry and Concrete do require pre-drilling. It is made with carbon steel and coated for durability to fasten strongly and securely. SPAX is your trusted partner for your fastening needs. Do it Once, Do it Right with SPAX.

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  •  SPAX’s patented thread serration technology allows the screw to be driven faster, easier to install, and reduces splitting in wood. Let the SPAX FACTOR take some of the hassle out of your next project
  • No Predrilling in Wood! Unique 4Cut Point design provides a self-drilling feature to prevent splitting in hardwood
  • T-Star plus drive provides superior bit engagement. Better bit engagement means quicker installation with less effort. Conveniently allows for one-hand overhead driving
  • Patented MULTIhead countersinks the screw head flush in wood
  • Stay Stronger for Longer! Heat Treated Grade 5 Durability. Tested under the toughest scenarios to give you confidence in every connection
  • Requires a T-20+ bit – Included in box
  • Common applications: Cabinet frames, hinge installation, indoor furniture, other general applications where yellow zinc coating is acceptable
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA


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