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Kitchen Cabinet Rollouts

Kitchen Cabinet Rollouts

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Base cabinets have the least convenient storage space in the entire kitchen. Pull-out shelves solve that problem. They make organizing and accessing your kitchen cabinet contents back-friendly and frustration free. If you’re stuck with cabinets without rollouts, don’t despair. Here you’ll learn how to retrofit nearly any base cabinet with pull out shelves that’ll work as well as or better than any factory-built units. It’s really very easy. Once you take measurements, you can build the rollout drawer, its “carrier”, and attach the drawer slides, all in your shop. Mounting the pull out shelves is simple. You’ll also learn how to construct a special rollout for recycling or trash.

**Note that this purchase is for a PDF how-to guide only. A link to download the PDF will be sent to your email after purchase. 

  • Complexity Level: Moderate
  • Approximate Cost to Complete: $20 - $100
  • Approximate Time to Complete: <24 Hours
  • Tools and Materials Not Included
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